Cody Ames Photography

Warmth amongst the cold

Another with Megan from yesterday. I just love this entire shoot and am unable to pick a favorite!

Tractor? What Tractor?

A photo from a session I had with the lovely Tabitha yesterday. I mean really, how often do you come across 6' tall asian women? :)

Little man

I photograph him and his brother every six months for his parents. They are always so much fun to work with and just crack me up!


One from my second shoot with my model friend Rebecca, last summer. She has eyes that just.. I don't know, I can't explain them.. :)


Had an autumn session with Brittany thursday and this is probably my favorite image of the day..

Snow Angel

My good friend and amazing model Kelley. Hard to go wrong with a beautiful subject and a beautiful setting :)

Yup, it's me!

No, it isn't me.. but that is what he said right before I took this picture :)